Paul Leon Gibat   I just saw a report on an antibiotic that can actually kill you and yet 1000’s are still using it. They even said not to stop it until you contact your doctor. Come on man! My medicine was recalled because it’s from China and may contain a cancer-causing substance in it. […]

Everyone wants to be a millionaire but nobody wants to work for it. Yes, you a have a chance to win the lottery, like one in 4 billion, so that’s a great strategy. Hey, you could be waiting for your rich uncle to pass so you can inherit your million. You could even find a […]

Waiting, what is it good for, absolutely nothing. Say it again. Haha. Everybody is waiting for something. They’re waiting for more money, they’re waiting for the time to do something, they’re waiting on information, they’re waiting until they have learned more. Everybody is waiting for something and as long as they’re waiting nothing will happen. To me waiting is just […]

Did the company you joined tell you it was easy and anyone can do it? No sales, no parties, no leads, just give them your money and its done! This weekend I was looking back on what I have done this past year. What I recognized was that a good portion of people on the […]

I saw a report today on HLN about the new trend in work from home business’. Their spin on it was about how many lose money and whether or not these companies were just scamming people out of their money. The whole story was negative. However, they did state some statistics that I thought were […]

Last night I had a major setback. Well, it was really a gigantic disappointment. I have a friend who I have been friends with for almost 11 years. We have done a lot and met a lot of people in this town when we moved here because of them. They took us and made us […]

Do Challenges work? I did my first challenge a year ago. When I first decided to take on that particular challenge I was frightened to the point of almost being physically sick. The challenge I decided to do was videos on subjects about me. Personal information such as what my childhood was like, my first […]

Warren Buffet is Right From the very beginning of my online journey, I have been told to have several streams of income. They say this is a must if you want to be successful online. I myself have preached this over and over and over. However, even though I preached this I was not doing […]

Today will be the best day of my life! Why? Because every day is a chance for something better than yesterday. When I look back at my journey so far the one thing I keep seeing is all the people who have helped me. The ones who have supported me and helped define my true […]

Do you know why so many people can’t seem to find success? Vision! They have no vision. Internally or externally. There really is nothing that compels them to action. Let’s face it, being successful is hard work. That’s why success is not possible for some. I don’t mean that in that they are not smart […]